As part of my ongoing personal effort to hack the world – and myself in it – I’m looking for like-minded people to collaborate with. No matter who you are and where you live, if you feel the need to share your thoughts or if you want to get in touch, please do so.

Just to give you an overview on what you can expect:

I consider myself a global citizen of this planet and a human being in the first place. Defining ourselves as members of smaller tribes is an outdated concept in my view.

A lot of what we do and how we think today is a result of very old decisions made by others long ago, and our societies are not set up to handle changes at the speed that they occur. With that said, I’m optimistic about the future in the long-term. Just because we’ve done things in certain ways in the past, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always have to be the same.

I value objective truth, which is why I like the scientific method and why I try to keep an open mind to update my views as new evidence comes in.

Some of the topics I’m most interested in are science and discovering the universe, technology and how we use it, engineering and the maker movement, electronics, 3d printing, bodyhacking and biohacking, the past vs the future, and the moral and ethical questions surrounding all of these things.


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